The Best Mac and Cheese and Cookies You Will Ever Eat….Seriously!

I’m usually a little wary of Pinterest recipes. I’m not sure if it’s the multiple reposts or if the creator’s of the recipes are just really mean but I always feel like there is an ingredient left out or the recipe just doesn’t look/taste as good as it should. Maybe it’s just me! However, these recipes will NOT disappoint. They are seriously so yummy and they make A LOT of food. Last week I made Jalapeno Popper Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese from Lauren’s Latest and 2-Ingredient Cookies from Cookies and Cups. 






Let’s start with the Jalapeno Popper Buffalo Chicken Mac. This recipe is sinful. Honestly, you will not be able to stop eating this mac and cheese and it makes an entire 9×13 pan. Lauren’s Latest is in serious trouble over this recipe, I’m sure there’s a million calories in every bite but oh man, it is SO worth it. I did sub in some ingredients that may make it a little lower in calories and fat. I used low-fat cream cheese and I left out the chicken because I didn’t feel like putting it in. I also used only 2 pieces of bacon versus four and one jalapeno instead of one. I already had regular bread crumbs so I put that on the top instead of crushed corn flakes. I made this Friday night and I STILL have leftovers. The cheese melts perfectly, and the bacon and bacon grease really make this dish stand out. I would highly suggest taking this to a potluck or divide it up and give some to your mom! If you plan on eating it all, make sure you pair it with some salad to cut all that ooey gooey cheese. Yum yum yum!




SO delicious! Look at that cheese!





2-Ingredient Cookies….so easy, so yummy, the name says it all! There are only 2 ingredients in these cookies– spiced cake mix and pumpkin puree. I picked up some Halloween vanilla frosting with sprinkles to add to the top, yum! All you do is mix the cake mix with the pumpkin, spoon onto a cookie sheet and bake. I took these to a party and they were gone by the time we left. I got asked for the recipe at least 3 or 4 times. They are so cakey and chewy, it’s amazing. The great thing is that you can basically do this to any recipe for a low-fat treat. Brownie mix and pumpkin puree? Go ahead, replace any oil and egg mix with pumpkin, yum! 





On a side note, I was very busy with Halloween costumes this week. Here is a picture of the sugar skull costume I made for myself! I can’t wait to wear it. And, it’s an apron so after the holiday, I can wear it whenever I want! 





If you love this costume, check out my etsy.com listing for a custom one! :)

Thanks for checking in with me and reading my blog! 





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